I’m not a hero but a singer
Don’t mistake me
My tonfa is a remembrance of me myself

I’ve never felt the role
In the play whose name is Sweet Love

Skyblue is my color
Because nobody walks beside me

Even if I say I’m lonely
You cannot hear me with reality
You’ll say“You’re always smiling happily”
Nobody can know real intentions of others certainly
We each have our own invisible deep ocean
You showed me this true
I see what you mean
I’m not a hero but a coward
Don’t you need me
The tonfa is a symbol of a longing of the weak
For the strong

Sunset is dying me orange
If I were a hero, I should not cry at a loss now

You’ll say“I’m lonely too”

I see what you mean
Nothing ever makes me a hero
Our hero

I’m one of the scum of the society
Don’t you trust me
My tonfa is always embracing my heart ocean
I’m not a hero but a singer
Pathetic singer
Hey, you

I’m not a hero but…


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